And that’s it…


Shame, shame, shame.

That’s what the Philadelphia Flyers should feel right now.  Unlike other post-mortems that will just spout out “reasons” of the here and now, I can find a particular date that the Flyers started to get away from their style of play.

On February 14, the team traveled to Tampa Bay to take on the Lightning at St. Pete Times Forum.  The game was tight.  Back and forth the two teams fought.  The Flyers controlled the game in the second period, but the Lightning fought back with three goals of their own to tie it up.  The game forced a lot of emotions.  It felt a lot like a playoff game the way these two teams fought.  The game ended up going 7 rounds in a shootout.

The Flyers won that game 4-3.  If you look at the schedule after that win, things started to really go downhill.  Normal people would expect a team to gain a lot of momentum from a win like that…however, just the opposite happened.  I’ll let you take whatever you want from the following months.  I feel like that was the moment the season turned around for the negative.

We saw that no switch existed.  The team still played a lackluster brand of undisciplined and terrible hockey.  They are usually used to playing physical, intense hockey that they have prided themselves on for years.  In the first series, the team let themselves fall behind.  They couldn’t muster any offense to beat Ryan Miller in two games; on the other hand, the Flyers’ goaltending just wasn’t good enough to keep the puck out enough.

The Flyers did not even record a shutout all season.  Regular teams can actually do that several times a year.  Even the bad ones.

Personally, I was ready to accept the Flyers’ season being over in the first intermission of game six.  Michael Leighton, seemingly the final straw in the Flyers’ season, played beyond terrible.  It didn’t seem possible for the Flyers to keep moving.  They won that game, and played a ridiculously dominant game in game seven.

What makes zero sense is how seemingly unprepared the team was for the Bruins.  Completely outplayed and outcoached in game one, barely losing game two, and getting their asses kicked in games three and four.

No effort.  No switch.  No win.  No Cup.

Ryan Bright of Philly Sports Daily in his latest blog (which you can read he says it’s all about the attitude.

He’s so right.

We can hear about the injuries rolling in, but when push comes to shove, the attitude was not there.



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